Flared Pants and the ‘70s

Anul 2015 a adus un tribut modei din anii ’70. Pantalonii evazati, printurile jucause cat si palariile mari au acaparat intreaga colectie de toamna iarna. Mie imi plac pantalonii evazati,  doar ca prefer sa-i vad imbracati de catre alte persoane.  Nu sunt chiar genul meu, dar pot contribui la o tinuta office din orice punct de vedere. Emana eleganta, stil, pun in evidenta picioarele lungi si dau impresia ca ai cateva kilograme in minus.

Dar,  ca sa poti purta astfel de pantaloni trebuie sa ai picioare drepte, fara ‘aripioare’ sau coapse foarte mari. Simt totusi ca nu sunt pentru mine,  dar incurajez fetele cu picioare perfecte sa poarte astfel de pantaloni, you’ll look stunning!

Si totusi mi se pare tare interesant cum moda revine in mod constant. Pare ca nu moare niciodata un trend ce a fost remarcat candva.

Fashion is for forever and the style even more.

The year 2015 brought a tribute to 70’s fashion. Flared pants, playful prints but also, big hats, are everywhere in the autumn-winter collection. I like flared pants but I prefer to see someone else wearing them. They are not really my type, but they can contribute to an office outfit. They emit elegance, reveal long legs and make you look a little bit skinner.

To wear such kind of pants, your legs have to be straight, without any “fins” or very big thighs. I do not feel like they are made for me, although I encourage the girls with perfect legs to wear them, you’ll look stunning!

I find it interesting how the fashion returns constantly. It looks like a trend never dies once it was noted. Fashion is for forever and the style even more.

Rise in love,

What I wore:

Zara flared pants

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